C-6 Educational Foundation


Please consider donating today and helping the C-6 Educational Foundation provide funding for educational supplies, equipment and programs to benefit students throughout the Fox C-6 School District.


The foundation provides educational grants for items, programs and activities not funded by the C-6 school district, as well as welfare grants to assist students in need and students with special educational needs.


The foundation regularly holds events to raise funds for educational and welfare grants that help countless Fox C-6 students.

About us

The C-6 Educational Foundation, a nonprofit organization established in 1999, provides funding for educational and welfare programs that benefit students throughout the Fox C-6 School District. The foundation is a separate entity from the school district and provides funding for supplies and programs not funded by the district. A board of up to 13 volunteers oversees the foundation’s operations. The current board members are Patti Bone, Jim Chellew, Kent Duniphan, Matt Gearhart, Randy Gilman, Larry Hostetler, Jacqui Ortmann, Kenneth Raye, Kim Robertson, Todd Scott, Tara Tesreau Boggs and Carole Yount.

Over the past 10 years, the foundation has provided more than $300,000 in classroom, cultural and other educational grants. The foundation has provided an additional $100,000 in welfare grants over that period.

What grants do we


Welfare Grants

Welfare grants are used to buy clothing, shoes and other supplies for students in need and to provide supplies and programs that promote student health and well-being, such as equipment for students with special needs and activities that educate students and educators about anti-bullying and drug and alcohol abuse prevention. Welfare grants also are used to help fund Project Graduation at both high schools.

Classroom Grants

Classroom grants are provided to teachers and other educators to buy supplies not funded by the district, like special literature sets, computer software, technology and more.

Cultural Grants

Cultural grants provide funding for students to take part in events intended to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of cultures around the world, like taking trips to museums or attending programs at their schools featuring speakers, musicians or artists.


The foundation has held a variety of events over the years to provide Fox C-6 schools and classrooms with funding for educational supplies and programs, as well as funding for welfare grants that help students districtwide.

How do I donate?

The foundation has held a variety of fundraisers over the years, but it needs financial support from the school community and local residents and business people to assist as many students as possible.

The foundation relies on the generosity of Fox C-6 staff members to donate through payroll deduction. A donation of at least $2 a pay period goes a long way in helping the foundation fund supplies and programs to help students throughout the school district.

The foundation thanks the Fox C-6 retirees who send donations each year and encourages them to continue supporting the mission to help as many district students as possible.

Lastly, families often send memorial donations to the foundation in their loved ones’ names, and those donations are greatly appreciated as well.